VR-China-Galerie auf der New Yorker Outsider Art-Messe im Januar
VR-China-Galerie auf der New Yorker Outsider Art-Messe im Januar
China, Südkorea, Japan, Frankreich, UK, Gugging und viele US-Aussteller
New York. The 26th edition of the New York OAF takes place January 18-21, 2018 at The Metropolitan Pavilion. The fair will showcase 63 galleries, re-presenting 35 cities from 7 countries, with 10 first-time exhibitors. With e.g. art (see image) of chewing gum artist Ben Wilson (born 1963, English wood carver and outsider artist). Press release reveals Details:

Coming off of a successful 5th Outsider Art Fair Paris, with a 24% increase in attendance over the previous year, the forthcoming New York fair will include works by self-taught artists from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean at Indigo Arts. Korea Art Brut and Beijing´s Almost Art Project will make their OAF debuts, as will Antillean, who will present work by three Jamaican artists. Drawings by New Zealand´s Susan Te Kahurangi King will be the subject of a solo presentation at Chris Byrne and the sensational ceramic sculptures of Shinichi Sawada will be shown in New York for the first time at Jennifer Lauren Gallery. This year´s OAF Talk, "The Raw and the Cooked: Outsider Art Environments and Installation Art," will be organized and moderated by Paul Laster at the Ace Hotel on January 16th.

2018 exhibitors: Austria, Maria Gugging: Galerie Gugging; China, Beijing: Almost Art Project; France, Saint Sever du Moustier: Galerie Pol Lemétais; Japan, Tokyo: Yukiko Koide Presents; South Korea, Seogipo, Jeju Island: Korea Art Brut; UK, East Sussex: Jennifer Lauren; London: Raw Vision, Rebecca Hossack, Sardac; Surrey: Henry Boxer; USA, Atlanta: Mason Fine Art; Baton Rouge: Gilley´s ; Birmingham, MI: Hill Gallery; Boise, ID: Stewart Gallery; Brooklyn: Cathouse FUNeral, LAND Gallery, Magic Markings, Steven S. Powers, Phyllis Stigliano Art Projects; Chattanooga, TN: Tanner Hill; Chicago: Carl Hammer, Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, Karen Lennox; Claremont, CA: First Street Gallery; Columbus, OH: Lindsay Gallery; Dallas: Chris Byrne; East Hampton, NY: Norman Brosterman, Wilsonville; Iowa City, IA: The Pardee Collection; Kent, CT: James Barron; Lancaster, PA: Center for Creative Works; Los Angeles: Esperanza Projects, Ernie Wolfe Gallery; Memphis: Tops Gallery; Milwaukee: Portrait Society Gallery; New Haven, CT: Fred Giampietro Gallery; New York City: American Primitive, Andrew Edlin, Antillean, Cavin-Morris, Donald Ellis, Fountain House, Hirschl & Adler Modern, Humbaba, Inc., Joshua Lowenfels, Luise Ross, Marion Harris, Mariposa Unusual Arts, Pure Vision Arts, Ricco/Maresca, SHRINE, ZQ Art; Oakland, CA: Creative Growth Art Center; Philadelphia: Fleisher/Ollman, Indigo Arts; Potter Valley, CA: Krowswork; Sag Harbor, NY: MiddleJanes; San Francisco: Creativity Explored; Summerland, CA: Just Folk; Waxahachie, TX: Webb Gallery and Wimberly, J Compton.

New sponsor is the High Museum of Art (Atlanta).The High is dedicated to supporting and collecting works by Southern artists and is distinguished as the first general art museum in North America with a full-time curator devoted to folk and self-taught art.

Metropolitan Pavillion
125 W. 18th Street, New York, NY 10011

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New Yorker Galerie zeigt Dan Miller
New Yorker Galerie zeigt Dan Miller
10.01.-18.02.2018 bei Andrew Edlin
Die bekannte New Yorker Outsider Art/Art Brut-Galerie Andrew Edlin (212 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA. Info@edlingallery.com) startet ins neue Jahr mit einer Präsentation von Werken des bis heute in den Ateliers des Creative Growth Art Center (".. is a non-profit that serves artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities, providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation and a social atmosphere among peers.") in Oakland tätigen Künstlers mit autistischem Handicap Dan Miller. Miller wurde in 2017 mit großer Beachtung auf der Kunstbiennale in Venedig, auf der Pariser Outsider Art-Messe und auf der Art Basel Miami Beach gezeigt.

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„Die Dritte Kerze“ im Kleisthaus
„Die Dritte Kerze“ im Kleisthaus
Ausstellung des Kunstatelier Omanut in Berlin bis 12. Januar 2018
Berlin. Werke von jüdischen und nicht-jüdischen Nutzern des Kunstateliers Omanut für Menschen mit Handicaps stellt das Berliner Kleisthaus (Mauerstraße 53) noch bis 12. Januar 2018 aus. „Omanut tut gut – Kunst tut gut“. Unter diesem Motto bietet das von der Aktion Mensch e.V. geförderte Atelier seit 2009 unter dem Dach der ZWST (Zentralwohlfahrtsstelle der Juden in Deutschland e.V.) Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung und psychischen Erkrankungen kreativ orientierte Tagesbetreuung mit Kunsthandwerk und Malerei in der Joachimstaler Str. 13, 10719 Berlin an.

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Five Wisconsin Artists at INTUIT
March 23 – June 17, 2018 in Chicago
Chicago (USA). Current exhibition „To Be Seen and Heard" at Intuit Center features five Wisconsin artists: Prophet William J. Blackmon, Josephus mehr
Korec und Strobl in DRAWING NOW
Gugging vom 22.-25. März in Paris
Paris. In Booth 20 der diesjährigen Kunstmesse "Drawing Now" vom 22.-25.03.2018 im Pariser Le Carreau du Temple trifft man Galerie Gugging. mehr
EOA Conference: The Artist‘s Voice
May 4- 6 at Pallant House Gallery
Chichester (UK). British project „Outside In“ is hosting the European Outsider Art Association Conference 2018 at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester in mehr