André Robillard’s creations in Lausanne
André Robillard’s creations in Lausanne
Artistic rifles until April 19, 2015 at the collection of art brut
Lausanne (CH). In 1964, André Robillard decided to “make something of his life”. He set about assembling various objects taken from waste bins to come up with his first artistic rifles. At the age of 83, this outsider art creator continues to produce works in the vein of those that inspired Jean Dubuffet to include several specimens in his own collection.

Born 1932 in France, Robillard at the age of 19 years was taken into a psychiatric hospital, because of reported aggressive behaviour. Combining salvaged materials and carved wood, for fifty years now he has constructed his rifles, as well as airplanes, sputniks, and animals. He also continues to produce many drawings in colored pencil or felt-tip pen with, as his subject matter, ..war, aerospace, the animal world and sports.

Exhibition curator: Sarah Lombardi, director of the Collection de l’Art Brut

11, av. des Bergières, CH – 1004 Lausanne
OAF TALKS program New York 2015
OAF TALKS program New York 2015
Paranoia and Creativity
New York. Wide Open Arts, the US Outsider Art Fair management informs about the 2015 OAF New York talks. Wide Open Arts, LLC was formed by art dealer Andrew Edlin and became the owner of the Outsider Art Fair in 2012. Then in its 21st year, WOA expanded and relocated the New York fair to Center 548 in Chelsea, and introduced guest curatorial projects and the OAF talks program. WOA’s debut 2013 edition of the fair tripled previous attendance levels and received rave reviews from many renowned writers and publications. Propelled by this success, Wide Open Arts took the fair to Paris for the first time in October 2013, helping to reinvigorate the city’s long tradition of recognizing and championing art brut and self-taught artists.

MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 2015, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
NeueHouse, 110 East 25th Street, New York, NY 10010
"Paranoia and Creativity"
James Benning, Artist and filmmaker
Daniel Palmer, Historian and Leon Levy Assistant Curator, The Jewish Museum, NY
Ronald Okuaki Lieber, Poet and Professor, SUNY at Nassau Community College, NY
Brendan Greaves, Folklorist and writer
Moderator: Anne Doran, Writer, artist, and curator

TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Christie´s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020
"The Burgeoning Market"
Lawrence B. Benenson, Principal, Benenson Capital Partners, NY
Jane Kallir, Co-director, Galerie St. Etienne, NY
Robert Manley, Senior Vice President, Christie´s, NY
Moderator: Marion Maneker, Editor & Publisher, Art Market Monitor, NY

Curated Space: "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day"
Organized by Anne Doran & Jay Gorney
“If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day,” titled after a song by Robert Johnson, brings together five artists working in disparate media, from batteries to ballpoint pen. These artists have in common the desire to shield themselves, through their creations, from real or imagined harm. Variously medicinal, instructive, incantatory, or wishful, their works exist as talismans against chaos and disaster. Formally, the pieces in this exhibition share a complexity and quality of line that betrays their makers’ belief in the protective or transformative power of their art.

Subject to terrifying hallucinations, Swiss farmhand and laborer Adolf Wölfli (1864–1930) was committed in 1895 to the Waldau Clinic in Bern, where he spent the rest of his life. A few years after being institutionalized, he began to make art. His drawings, which combine images, words, and musical notations form a fanciful autobiography in which a triumphant Wölfli overcomes catastrophe to become St. Adolf II.

The spirit of scientific inquiry inspired Emery Blagdon (1907–1986) to create, between 1950 and his death, an extraordinary body of delicate assemblage sculptures and geometrically patterned paintings that he called his “Healing Machine.”

Knowledge was power for New York artist Mark Lombardi (1951–2000), who achieved recognition in the 1990s for his constellation-like, minutely researched compositions tracking the flow of capital and influence in contemporary society.

New Yorker Melvin Way (b. 1954) was a musician before the onset of mental illness in early adulthood. He creates intricate formulas in ballpoint pen that incorporate mathematical symbols, chemical diagrams, punctuation marks, texts lifted from computer manuals and art books, punning and free-associative wordplay, and pictograms of his own invention.

Info from january 26: OAF talks postponed due to snowstorm!!
See info-jpg left.
First NZ Outsider Art Fair
First NZ Outsider Art Fair
It's universal art: New Zealand has its OAF, too - Conference in Australia
Auckland/New Zealand. The first New Zealand Outsider Art Fair from 21 – 23 November 2014 has aimed to create a platform from which to, not only celebrate and popularize art work that originates outside the usual venues, but review new ideas around the field of self-taught art in New Zealand. Curator was Stuart Shepherd, himself owner of a gallery and exhibitor at the "old" New York Outsider Art Fair. To consider the local and global significance of this field, is overdue in NZ, and as it happens, this Auckland fair was timed on the heels of the international conference on outsider art held at the University of Melbourne/Australia, 23 – 26 October 2014 (with Lynne Cooke, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC / Thomas Roeske, Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg, Germany / David Lomas, Art History, University of Manchester and Colin Rhodes, School of Fine Arts, The University of Sydney).

Shepherd in an interview: "I am excited by the potential of this art fair to initiate ideas that have resonance for the contemporary New Zealand art scene. Including ideas about collaborative practice, curatorial practice, art and education, and the potential for building business sector relationships into the field of disability arts and community enhancement."

The OAF in Auckland is a new weekend long event in November that showcases the quality and creative diversity of artists that do their work, for whatever reason, outside of the mainstream, and explores the term ‘Outsider Art’ in a New Zealand cultural context. The Fair is loosely modelled on the concept established by the New York Outsider Art Fair, which has worked for the past 20 years at building awareness around the diverse community of artists with unique experience and practice. Outsider Art is international, universal art. So, no wonder, New Zealand artist Susan Te. Kahurangi King´s was recently presented at the European Outsider Art Fair in Paris.

Located in central Auckland at the Britomart Precinct, the 2014 Fair promoted the unique qualities of this art genre and stimulated awareness and dialogue through an exhibition, installation and performance program, plus panel discussions, workshops and portfolio presentations.

ADVENT SANS FRONTIERES am 12.12. in Völklingen
Selbsthilfe-Informations- und Kulturabend in der Stadtbibliothek
Völklingen. Am 12. Dezember heißt es um 18.30 Uhr „Advent sans frontières“ in der Völklinger Stadtbibliothek, mit einem neuen Informations- und Kultur mehr
Was ist gute Outsider Art?
Symposium am 7./8.12. in Berlin diskutiert Kunstqualität
Berlin. Fragen der Qualität so genannter Außenseiterkunst will ein Symposium am 7. und 8. Dezember 2018 in Berlin erörtern. Veranstalter ist der Verei mehr
3. „SeelenLand“-Abend 10.10. in Trier
„Barrierefrei wohnen. Auch für die Seele?“, Kästner-Livemusik mit Rap & Outsider Art

3. „SeelenLand“-Abend 10.10. in Trier

Trier. „SeelenLand – Zum Dritten“‚ heißt es am 10. Oktober, dem Welttag der Seelischen Gesundheit, bei der AWO in der Saarstraße und als erste Veranst mehr