UK-Government Funding for „Outside-In“
UK-Government Funding for „Outside-In“
Chichster (GB). The Arts Council of England has informed in a press release that it is awarding £400,000 over fours years to the newly formed „Outside In“ charity currently based at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, UK.

„Outside In“ provides a platform for artists who find it difficult to access the art world due to health, disability, isolation or social circumstance. Founded in 2006 it is the flagship outreach project for Pallant House Gallery in Chichester and will now be an independent charity with project founder Marc Steene as Director.

According to this information bulletin, „Outside In“ will be able to continue to expand its programme of activity which to date has engaged with more than 6,000 artists, 200 partner organisations and reached an audience of 267,000 people nationally and internationally. It is the largest charity of its kind in the UK and its work has seen transformative effects on many artists’ lives.

The Golden Ratio Laws
Madge Gill, Adolf Wölfli, Beverly Baker, Gugging artists, a.o.m. in Northern Portugal
São João da Madeira. Until October 1, 2017 at Oliva Creative Factory, an exhibition curated by Antonia Gaeta, "The Golden Ratio Laws" shows mehr
Outsider Art-Präsentation auf GKV-Selbsthilfetag 2.9. in Saarbrücken
Art-Transmitter zeigt im SeelenLaute-Pavillon ausgewählte Werke

Outsider Art-Präsentation auf GKV-Selbsthilfetag 2.9. in Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken. Selbsthilfe SeelenLaute Saar nimmt mit einem Informations-Pavillon für seelische Gesundheit am Samstag, 2. September 2017 beim saarländis mehr
4. Kreativ-Selbsthilfetage seelische Gesundheit RLP
11./12. August 2017 im MGH Saarburg

4. Kreativ-Selbsthilfetage seelische Gesundheit RLP

Saarburg. Am Freitag und Samstag 11./12. August 2017 finden ganztags die 4. Kreativ-Selbsthilfetage für seelische Gesundheit in Rheinland-Pfalz statt. mehr